“Eve” solo show to open at Russafa’s RW Project Space

Bay will open a solo show with The RW Project in Russafa on New Years Eve, 31st December 2020. The exhibition “Eve” is a collaboration with the curator-director of the RW Project, Kristin Gracie. Exploring ideas of transformation, the show was inspired by Paul Roussel’s 1908 sculpture “Eve o La Pomme”. Gracie encountered the sculpture in the Musee d’Orsay and made connections with Bay’s work on a studio visit earlier this Autumn. Bay is painting a new work entitled “Eve” especially for the exhibition, which will be open until 31st January.

RW Project Russafa Bay Backner Studio
RW Project director Gracie (pictured here in front of a painting in progress) during her visit to Bay’s Valencia studio.

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