Bay Backner artist portrait photo

Artist Statement

I search for a visual language to express the truths of female identity. I am as equally influenced by Rembrandt and Goya as I am nail art, ecclesiastical embroidery and piped icing.

I am one of the first generation of artists to work without the constraints of a culturally male art establishment. For the first time, my paintings can openly express femininity without the need to conform, suppress or react.

I find my techniques in a history of female expression outside the gallery walls. I see my canvas as fabric to be cut, sewn and dyed, and my oil paints as veils to conceal or reveal the figures within.

About Bay Backner

Artist Bay Backner challenges the boundaries of oil painting to examine the cultural representation of women. Her female forms are masterful self-portraits embodying societal, political and personal realities. Her compositions play with contrast, ambiguity and equilibrium; hyper-feminine imagery dances with androgyny, stitchcraft with optical science, fluorescent pigments with heritage oil paints, and linear geometries with nebula abstraction.

Backner is a British post-Brexit artist working in Valencia, Spain. She holds a degree in Physics from Oxford University, gained while studying life-drawing at The Ruskin School of Art and theatre design in The Oxford Playhouse. Her paintings exhibit internationally and have been featured by Gracia magazine. Bay is the current artist in residence at The British School of Valencia, and is certified by the Smithsonian Institute in Teaching Critical Thinking through Art. She is founder of women’s arts collective Colonia Roma. 

“Bay has an uncommon affinity and flair with paint. Very impressive.”

— Peter Duggan, Author, Artoons