Dear Vivienne (2023)

Metaverse installation + immersive game (.glb / pdf)
Concept: Bay Backner + Adrián Martínez as Vueltta
Architecture: Adrián Martínez
Textures + .glb entities: Bay Backner + Adrián Martínez
Graphic design: Adrián Martínez
Soundscape: Bay Backner
Game: Bay Backner
Installation: Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023

Dear Vivienne was a thank you letter to the late Dame Vivienne Westwood for fifty years of fashion inspiration. Designed by Bay Backner and Adrián Martínez as Vueltta, the work acted as a tribute, an immersive installation and a code-breaking game.

Dear Vivienne ran from 28.03.23 – 01.04.23 for Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (#MVFW23). It was installed in Decentraland’s NEO Fashion Plaza alongside brands including Coach, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger.

Dear Vivienne was recommended as a Metaverse Fashion Week highlight by several media platforms including Dazed, Vogue Spain, WWD and Vanity Fair.

Read Vogue Spain’s article on Dear Vivienne (Spanish)

Illustration of Dame Vivienne Westwood by Bay Backner, on the tartan designed for the exhibition by Adrián Martínez
Dear Vivienne soundscape and game intro
Exploring the second floor of the Dear Vivienne installation

Inside Dear Vivienne, visitors could find the clues they needed to decode Vueltta’s letter – which thanked Dame Vivienne for her work and activism. Through the game, visitors could discover more about Vivienne’s life, campaigns and iconic collections. 

The installation had three floors: the ground floor focused on Dame Vivienne’s story through the game; the second introduced some of the key visual elements to her work; and the third featured her environmental activism and a circular catwalk – on which Vueltta hosted an ‘Anti-Fashion Catwalk’ for the Decentraland community.

Through Dear Vivienne, Vueltta hoped to introduce Vivienne’s work to a new audience. They also aimed to highlight the connections between Vivienne’s legacy of ‘anti-fashion’ rebellion with the counter-cultural creativity of today’s digital worlds.

Development of the ground floor gaming space – elevated words concealed clues

Community photos from Dear Vivienne

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