Showing New Surrealist Paintings in Collaboration with Valencia’s The RW Project

Bay is currently showing new paintings in The RW Project space in Valencia’s arts district, Russafa. The project, titled Eve is a collaboration between Bay, RW founder and writer Kristin Gracie, and filmmaker Steve Kempen. Bay is showing six new large-scale surrealist oil paintings, including Eve (2020) which was especially painted for the collaboration. Other paintings in the space are Serenity, Allegory, Anima, Vision and Shrine.

Visits to The RW Project are by timed appointment only to honour current safety restrictions. Register for your appointment at The RW Project page.

Eve opened on New Year’s Eve 2020/21 as a metaphor for the artistic possibilities of the New Year, set against the challenges of our current times. Showing alongside Bay’s paintings are words by Gracie on the significance and creative energy of the collaboration.

Craving to welcome 2021 feeling empowered and inspired, a curious writer called on her surrealist muse to explore a question that centuries of women before us have sat with … “What can we do while all we are hearing is what we can’t do?”

– Kristin Gracie

Also featured are two new short films by director Steve Kempen, installed within the exhibition. Kempen’s films explore the relationship between Bay and Gracie, and how the Eve project was inspired. They also offer intimate scenes of Bay’s creative process in her studio.

To continue the ‘behind-the-scenes’ access, Bay has chosen to display four of her development works on paper within the show. All four works are in pastel, inks and acrylic spray and were created while Bay researched the emotions she sought to paint in the face of Eve.

Eve is a representation of all that is possible when the beautiful aspects of the feminine are listened to with adventurous curiosity and trusted without weighted hesitation. 

– Kristin Gracie

Eve will be open until March 2021. To hear of more invitation-only events in The RW Project space, join The RW list. To follow Bay’s work and further art events in Valencia, subscribe to her monthly newsletter.

You can book your appointment to see the Eve collaboration here.

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