Wearable Show & Tell, Decentraland (2022)

Wearable Show & Tell for the Decentraland community – an opportunity for 3D creators and collectors to share their new wearable designs. Part of the SHOWCASE series of events I produced and hosted for Orica Gallery. Also streamed live on Discord. Peak users : 75.

Participating creatives included:
Fabeeo Breen – wearable brand and designer
Yaping Chen – designer, Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
Tunaboy – Decentraland collector
CKBubbles – designer, creative director
Digifun DAO – creative collective
Tomasu – wearable collector and developer
Billy Teacoin – Decentraland host, musician and streamer
Amejo – collector and filmmaker

Creatives on the stage at Show & Tell
Billy Teacoin on stage. Image: CKBubbles
Two of the guests wearing the black wearable T-shirts I produced with Adrián Martínez for the previous REFUGE exhibition – in collaboration with visual artist Mellowmann. Andean hat shown by Rhagde.
Yaping Chen on stage in her new ‘Fire’ dress, with the team from Digifun DAO. Tomasu in a tiger design by Polygonal Mind.
Digifun DAO members with Jim Sedric, Fabeeo Breen, PlemCo and Joker. Body paint wearable worn here deigned by Roustan.

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