Bathe in saturated colour by two modern Spanish artists – Rosa Torres & Ricardo Escavy at Shiras gallery

Two painting exhibitions at El Carmen’s Shiras Gallery, El Botanico by Rosa Torres and The Noise Time by Ricardo Escavy. Opening Thursday 10th May, 7.30pm 

Two new exhibitions are opening at Shiras Galería this Thursday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m. In the main room is ‘El Botánico’ the latest project by Valencian painter Rosa Torres. In the gallery’s downstairs space, known as the ‘Espacio Refugio’, artist Ricardo Escavy presents his new work ‘The Noise Time’.

In the exhibitions you’ll see the two Spanish artists use their unmistakable approaches to colour and composition. Both play with heightened colour and abstracted forms.

‘El Botánico’ (The Botanist) sings with Rosa Torres’s delight in Spain’s landscape. She uses the landscape as a guide; a starting point from which to work in her own artistic language. You’ll see that many of her paintings have no title. They capture the essence of a place through light, form and, of course, colour.

Critic Vicent Mateo says of El Botánico, ‘Rosa Torres creates her Botanical Garden, (by) submitting images of an ordered natural world to a new order. “

(“Rosa Torres crea su Jardín Botánico, somete las imágenes de esta naturaleza ordenada a una nueva ordenación”.)

Downstairs in the ‘Espacio Refugio’ (Refuge Space), you can contrast El Botánico with new work by emerging artist Ricardo Escavy. Escavy lives and works in Murcia, and his practice includes paint, screen print and installation. He recently enjoyed a successful solo show in the Artifact Gallery in New York.

 Ricardo Escavy, detail from The Noise Time (Image:  Shiras )
Ricardo Escavy, detail from The Noise Time (Image: Shiras)

With ‘The Noise Time’ Escavy asks us to imagine what would happen if sound and graphic art ‘seek to share a common space’.  

He sees the exhibition as a ‘microcosm where auditory and visual perception walk together’. Escavy warns us that the relationship between hearing and sight ‘behaves differently depending on the medium or support where it (the art) is displayed and can sometimes become confused’.

Confused or not, both shows will be a joy for the senses. They invite interesting comparisons between the two artists and, above all, present art in glorious, saturated colour. 

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