Your easy English guide to Russafart 2018 – art festival in Ruzafa Valencia, 1-3 June

If you’ve explored hip Valencia neighbourhood Ruzafa, you’ll know that the thriving art scene behind its bars can be pretty hard to find. Want to be in the know? Start with Russafart 2018.

This biennial art festival throws open the doors of Ruzafa’s arts studios and creative spaces. You’ll be welcomed into the places where the neighbourhood is really happening – and you can talk with the artists and creatives that are making it happen.

This year is the festival’s 10th anniversary, which means there’ll be an extra celebratory vibe. 

 Russafart 2018 - the art festival's 10th anniversary

Russafart 2018 – the art festival’s 10th anniversary


It’s a free arts festival, centred around a map of all the participating spaces in the neighbourhood. (Russafa is the barrio’s name in Valencian, Ruzafa in Castilian). In every space you can find new art work, see demonstrations, or simply discover a stunning place behind an unassuming door.  

For three days, Ruzafa becomes ‘a meeting point for all curious audiences interested in art and culture’.

Thousands of people take part.


There’s no set route to the art festival, so the most important guide is the festival map. Download it from the festival site here.

Then flick through the photos of the arts spaces on Russafart’s website. Plan to visit those that look great to you, and wander into any other open doors as you pass by.

All studios and exhibition spaces open simultaneously at 7pm on Friday 1st June. Then the opening times are:

  • Sat 2 June: 10am – 2pm / 5pm – 9.30pm
  • Sun 3 June: 10am – 2p.m / 5pm – 8pm / Closing party from 9pm
 Russafart 2018 -  start with this map, available here

Russafart 2018 – start with this map, available here


Friday 1 June

  • 7pm – Simultaneous opening of studios, workshops and exhibition spaces until late
  • 9pm – concert by singer-songwriter Lucinda Sieger at new studio space, Landscape Studios, c/ Pintor Gisbert
  • Restaurants, bars, shops and collaborators open their doors throughout the evening

Saturday 2 June

  • 10am – 2pm / 5pm – 9.30pm Opening of studios, workshops and exhibition spaces.
  • 9.30am to 2pm – Speed painting contest in the Ruzafa neighbourhood. Artists from all over Valencia meet to capture Ruzafa on their canvas. Starts at 9.30pm at the Escuela de Artesanos in Av Antiguo Reino de Valencia 40.

Sunday 3 June

  • 10am – 2p.m / 5pm – 8pm Opening of studios, workshops and exhibition spaces.
  • 8.30pm Award ceremony for the Russafart 2018 speed painting contest at Sporting Club Russafa c / Sevilla 5
  • 9:00pm Closing party for artists and friends with Afro-jazz concert at Sporting Club Russafa

For more photos and information, visit the Russafart 2018 website

See you there!

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