Bay Backner exhibits in Megacube 2 as a Premium Artist (2022)

Bay’s work was exhibited today as part of the world’s largest collaborative P2E (‘play to earn’) metaverse game, MegaCube 2. This once-yearly multiplayer experience takes the form of a gigantic cube in the Decentraland metaverse. The cube has one hundred layers, each made of hundreds of smaller cubes. Players must ‘mine’ the smaller cubes to reveal to each new layer.

Bay’s artworks ‘De Sobte’, ‘Es Desperta’ and ‘Nosaltres’ (all Tezos) were chosen for Layer 80 of the cube. She also minted exclusive new works on the Polygon network as prizes for MegaCube 2 players.

Bay was named as a ‘Premium Artist’ for MegaCube 2, alongside important NFT names like ROBNESS, Josie Bellini and XCOPY.

MegaCube is a project by Polygonal Mind, a creative development studio that imagines, designs and develops environments, avatars and experiences for the Metaverse. With MegaCube, Polygonal Mind aimed to push the limits of Decentraland to create the biggest multiplayer experience to date. The project achieved 6,287 unique players in 60 hours.

To put that into context, Bay’s participation in the game reached the biggest audience for her artwork in one space, to date. Bay is now excited to explore other collaborative digital experiences as new forms of engagement with visual art and performance.

image: @peternft777
Image: @cheddarqueso787
Image: @javi_DCL
Image: @victorvalline
Image: @0xMkUltra

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