SHOWCASE // Experience Art in the Metaverse – new exhibition and events (2022)

In May 2022, Bay produced a new metaverse exhibition and series of events for NFT platform Orica. She co-curated the exhibition, named SHOWCASE, with Orica gallery designer Adrián Martínez (now Bay’s co-founder of

For SHOWCASE, Bay featured NFTs by 21 digital artists in the Decentraland gallery and hosted weekly events. Participating artists included major names like Another Sigma, Elypse, Angie Mathot, Rukmunal Hakim, Crashblossom and Katerina Marchenko. For many, SHOWCASE was their first experience of Decentraland and acted as an onboarding point into the metaverse.

SHOWCASE drew average weekly visitors of 250, with peak users at 70+ for the programmed events.

Visitors in the gallery for the SHOWCASE guided tour by Bay
The stunning gallery space was designed and built by Adrián Martínez, working with Bay on concepts and design references. The Decentraland deployment was by Pouriya H, now advising on
Visitors in the gallery for the SHOWCASE guided tour by Bay
Another SHOWCASE event, hosting visuals and music by East German artist Mellowmann
Floor 3 of the four-story high Orica gallery
Bay with her own contribution to the artworks hung in SHOWCASE
Gallery visitors on SHOWCASE’s rooftop exhibition space
Bay with artist Aiira Merida in front of his work in SHOWCASE
tweet by gallery visitor @jazdaNFT
by SHOWCASE artist and first time Decentraland visitor Mangoscam
Tweet by gallery visitors and ‘DCL Babydolls’ members @tangpoko and @lyssin3d
Tweet by visitor @bitcoinboomers
Tweet by artist and tour visitor Aiira Merida

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