Selected for the ‘MHOUSE History of Crypto Art’ exhibition at ETH Barcelona 2022

MHOUSE has selected Bay as one of their three artists to be exhibited in the ‘History of Crypto Art’ exhibition at ETH Barcelona, 6-8 July 2022. ETH Barcelona is a major industry event which is bringing together 2000 artists, makers and developers to ‘explore how blockchain technology helps build a sustainable world’.

MHOUSE will highlight Bay’s work in their exhibition to showcase ‘some of the leading historic NFT artsts in the world’. Bay is delighted to be exhibiting alongside Shurooq Amin, an artist and activist from Kuwait, and Handiedan, an internationally-recognised collage+digital artist from The Netherlands.

MHOUSE is the international members club for web3 innovators. Their History of Crypto Art exhibition will be located in the Sky Gallery of the Barcelona International Conference Centre.

You can read the full announcement by MHOUSE below:

“We will be showing historic pieces from some of the leading historic NFT artists in the world and we secured three spots for MHOUSE artists. It was incredibly difficult to choose and we want to thank everybody that submitted a piece for the time and effort that involved.

We would like to congratulate Bay Backner, Shurooq Amin and Miss Handiedan. These pieces will be displayed as part of the full MHOUSE History of Crypto Art exhibition at ETH Barcelona alongside another exhibition from the Museum of Crypto Art. “

Exhibition Details:
ETH Barcelona MHOUSE – History of Crypto
Art Sky Gallery of the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB)
6 – 8 July

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