Vanity Fair features the tribute installation created by Bay Backner and Adrián Martínez

Vanity Fair journalist Isabel Cebolla reviews Vueltta’s ‘Dear Vivienne’ in her round up of the ‘most surprising’ installations of Metaverse Fashion Week 2023.

“The British designer, Vivienne Westwood, also known for her activism, had her space within Metaverse Fashion Week with one of the most original activities. A duo formed by Bay Backner (UK) and Adrián M. Almonacid (Spain), from the artistic collective Vueltta, has created a video game that is both a tribute to the designer who died three months ago and an immersive installation.

Dear Vivienne is the name with which they have baptized this experience, in which visitors had to answer a series of questions about the artists to advance in the video game. This kind of escape room has been created in her own space, a building decorated with a striking pink tartan that perfectly represents the designer’s style. In addition, to make it even more interactive, some lucky ones have been able to parade down the catwalk (where the slogan “Sex” appeared) with their most “anti-fashion” designs. Thus, they honored the fina Westwood fashion shows and her campaign for a more sustainable and conscious fashion industry.”

Read the full article here (Spanish)

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