Vogue interviews Bay Backner and Adrián Martínez about their work with Vueltta

Vogue writer Patricia Moreno interviews Bay and Adrián about their current metaverse art installation.

“The video game (with a Spanish soul) that is paying tribute to Vivienne Westwood at Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. Behind ‘Dear Vivienne’ is Vueltta, a Spanish-British duo specialized in digital art based in Valencia. Their installation shares a calendar with Adidas, Balenciaga and Coach in the second edition of Decentraland’s fashion week.”

“A little over a year ago, this duo started creating projects for a parallel universe. And how new it is. The collective –Vueltta presents itself as a collective to encompass their collaborators– launched its first installation at Metaverse Art Week 2022, bringing a labyrinth from 400 B.C. C. to this three dimensional world; That same year they participated in Miami Art Week with the first performance piece in the metaverse.

Read the full article here (Spanish).

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