The Muse – Headdress (2022)

Metaverse wearable (.glb)
Concept: Bay Backner
Creation: Bay Backner + KJ Walker
Exhibited in ‘MUSES 2 // Metaverse Performance’ at RHOM for Miami Art Week 2022

The Muse – Headdress was the metaverse wearable created for my Miami Art Week performance, December 2022. The starting point was my portrait in oil on canvas of an AI-generated ‘muse’, which I’d painted using predominently Renaissance techniques. The muse herself was created by my own algorithm trained on both Renaissance paintings and my own previous work.

I converted the muse oil painting into a digital texture which I could apply to metaverse forms.

In collaboration with 3D artist KJ Walker, I applied one of the paintings to a facial “mesh” and designed a headdress consisting of the face and scarf. This ‘wearable’ headdress was distributed to everyone taking part in Muses 2, the metaverse performance I created and performed for Miami Art Week 2023.

Read more about Muses 2 // Metaverse Performance here.

The concept for “The Muse – Headdress” was that participants in the performance would “inhabit” the paintings, both within the immersive installation space and as their own digital identity.

To do so, the piece was minted as a wearable NFT on both the polygon blockchain and marketplace of the Decentraland metaverse. View the piece on the marketplace.

Images of The Muse – Headdress taken during Muses 2 // Metaverse Performance (2022)

Community images of their avatars wearing The Muse – Headdress

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