Relics: Decentraland Selfies (2022)

In November 2022, Bay exhibited 35 selfies by the Decentraland metaverse community in a real-life art exhibition. This was in collaboration with Vueltta, the metaverse art collective which Bay founded with designer Adrián Martínez, and with the support of curator Tina McCallan. Bay’s aim was to present a photo wall of avatars to show the creativity and energy of the first metaverse communities.

The Relics poster, designed by Adrián Martínez and sent as an NFT to all participants.

Decentralites were asked to take selfies inside ‘The Labyrinth Effect’, an installation for Metaverse Art Week by Vueltta. They submittted their images to Vueltta via twitter.

The images were then collected, archived and edited by Bay and then curated by Adrián into a 1.4m x 1.2m collective art piece. From over 50 submissions, 35 were selected for the artwork. This was shown in ‘Relics of Future’s Past’, a collective exhibition in La Joya Space, Valencia, Spain, in collaboration with De Souza gallery.

Bay gave all participating community members a limited edition Polygon NFT ‘art poster’ of the installation artwork.

Selfie by @nat0shi_eth, edit by @baybackner
Group photo by @baybackner outside one of The Labyrinth Effect installations at Edifice Metaversal, Decentraland

Featured selfies by:
@TinaRecreations @timothy_kring @TBB2710 
@SurdegenS @sherrybeary111 @RoustanNFT
@nat0shi_eth @MetafoxCrew @Meta_DayLight
@MaxusCurcu @iamckbubbles @gsbroz
@fancydcl @ExistentialNoHo @EverythingFGOLD
@EdificeMeta @DJCkay @Dedheadj
@DclRoots @awedjob @ASP3N_eth
@044_DCL @0xQuiksilver @manadaiquiriDCL
@loudminded1 @iamfity

Edits by @baybackner
Design by @martinezsiesta

DCL/IRL Film by:


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