Curator Jon Sharples Selects Bay Backner for NFT Liverpool

Bay Backner is delighted to have been selected for NFT Liverpool by curator Jon Sharples. Her work ‘Els Amàvem‘ will be shown during the week of 14 – 19 June.

NFT Liverpool is focused on NFTs and creating ‘a new definition for curators in digital art’. Its curators, each with strong presence in the art scene ‘are not only selecting works but creating a portfolio of artists they wish to support’. Bay’s work was selected from 5937 submissions from 4310 artists.

Els Amávem (2022) mp4

The exhibition is hosted by Amir Soleymani, owner of Adelia Art Gallery. The whole show can be seen from 26 April – 28 August 2022, with Bay’s work on display in Jon Sharples’s selection, 14-19 June.

Els Amávem is part of Bay’s ongoing project ‘Els Amants / The Lovers‘. Bay is painting one hundred portraits of AI-generated women, her digital ‘muses’, in oil on canvas. She then makes and films ‘hyper-physical’ interventions into the portraits with water, fire, thread and oil. The resulting films, or ‘fragments’ as Bay terms them, are published as NFTs across the Polygon and Tezos blockchains.

When taken together, these hundred fragments reinterpret the poem ‘Els Amants’ by Vicent Andrés Estellés. This poem was first written in 1971 in the Valencian language, and expresses the savagery of enduring love.

Els Amants is a project about love, our concept of ‘the artist’s muse’ and AI.

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