The Pyramid Labyrinths (2022)

Part of The Labyrinth Effect installations I produced for Metaverse Art Week 2022, working with designer Adrián Martínez as the art collective Vueltta. The installations were deployed in the Decentraland metaverse in August 2022.

We created two separately located installations for The Labyrinth Effect: The Tower Labyrinth, a three-story high tower within a New York style gallery building in Decentraland’s Indie Village complex, and The Pyramid Labyrinths, six individual pyramids installed across the Edifice Metaversal building. The installations were recommended by ParcelNFT as their top pick from Metaverse Art Week 2022.

You can find more about the full process and concept here and in my notes on The Tower Labyrinth.

pyramid labyrinth vueltta metaverse art installation
Image: Jason Summers

Visit our Vueltta page on The Labyrinth Effect installation.
See also “Relics” our real-life exhibition of metaverse selfies from this installation.

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